Touch screen touch clockvs F8 Q9 P68 p70 smart watch

New 100% high quality label;
Operation mode: tactile operation
Ignition: long media function key
-Voltage 5 V current 1a-2a voltage 2 hours
-Monitor activity throughout the day: steps, calories burned, mileage, and heart rate.
-Automatic sleep monitoring: sleep time and sleep quality.
-Smart reminders: reminder phone, cart delivery, fixed reminders.
-More features: phone search, remote camera shooting, stop time.
-0.96 tactile screen "TFT color: HD screen, easy to read all motion data.
-Personalized watch face
-Bluetooth 4.0, compatible with 4.4 and above robot systems, 8.0 and previous systems.
-Push Bracelet language: Chinese and English
-Languages supporting the application: Spain, France, Portugal, Netherlands, German, Russian, English, Chinese